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KPIS has a curriculum basically patterned after the "Curriculum Frameworks and the Content Standards for California Public Schools" developed by the Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resource Division of the California Department of Education. This curriculum has been adopted by the California State Board of Education and is widely used in both public and private schools in the state of California, U.S.A. At KPIS students have the advantage of experiencing the best of both Western and Eastern fundamentals by learning the American Curriculum in an Asian Environment.


The main thrust of the curriculum is the acquisition of basic cognitive and social skills needed for success in life and the advanced knowledge and skills that will make the students competitive with graduates of the best educational institutions anywhere in the world. In order to attain this, every student is provided with high quality educational opportunities. At the same time, assessments are made to measure student knowledge pursuant to standards set for each grade level in every subject area.

The core academic subjects are Language Arts/English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education. Values Education is integrated in Social Studies. As part of our mission to produce globally competitive students, we also provide Intensive English Support (IES) taught by specialist teachers, which helps to improve students’ English proficiency. Apart from this, we also offer Thai Language Support (TLS), which is a similar program for international students who wish to learn or improve their Thai Language skills. 

Educational research and experience have shown that no single mode of learning is best for all students. Some learn best through reading, some through hearing, and some through a combination of experiences, technology, and other resources. Thus, at KPIS, we integrate Brain Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences, and Differentiated Instruction to create enriched learning environments where students develop higher order thinking skills. Armed with an excellent curriculum, specialized programs, and competent teachers, we can assure that students who graduate from KPIS are fully prepared to be a productive member of a culturally diverse society.

Kindergarten School

 MG 8716

Ms.Ely Jane Ubaldo


 MG 0342

Ms.Ashley Alix

Pre-Kindergarten 1/1

Copy of  MG 9142

Ms.Divya Bhawnani

Pre-Kindergarten 1/2

  MG 0345

Mr.Caitlyn Manners-wood

Pre-Kindergarten 2/1



Pre-Kindergarten 2/2

 MG 0344 

Ms.Nessrine  Chellali

Kindergarten 1/1

  MG 9888

Mr.Ciera Leschuk

Kindergarten 1/2



Elementary School


Mr. John Woodward

Grade 1


Ms. Rachel Jasko

Grade 1


Mr. Osman Bekir

Grade 2


Mr. Gregory Van't Hof

Grade 2


Mr. Benjamin Charpentier

Grade 3


Mr. Duncann Mcnamara

Grade 3


Ms. Anna Caitlin Fitchett

Grade 4


Mr. Thomas Benjamin

Grade 5


 Mr. Benjamin Edmunds

Grade 6


Mr. James Folsom

Grade 6




Secondary School


Mr. Steve Derby

Science Teacher


Ms. Maria Barcenilla

LA Teacher


Mr. Samuel Denny

Social Studies Teacher


Mr. Michael Wood

PE Teacher