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Welcome to the KPIS Guidance and Counseling Department at KPIS. This year Mr. John E. Carr and Ms. Annamae Fernandez will be handling the counseling responsibilities. Mr. John will handle the secondary counseling program and Ms. Annamae will be handling the grades K-8. There are 3 main areas of focus: academic, career and personal/social counseling. The counselors are available to advocate, mediate, coordinate, consult, lead and collaborate with teachers, administrators and parents to help the students be successful. Throughout the year, the counselors will be updating the website with articles and other relevant information. The office is open from 7:00-4:00. Do not hesitate to contact the counselors when seeking assistance at 02 943 7790 (ext. 103).


The aim of the KPIS Guidance and Counseling Program is to assist students at all levels with their academic, career, personal and social development. These ‘responsive Services’ are as follows:

Personal Counseling: This service is provided on an individual basis for students indicating difficulties in dealing with relationships, personal concerns or normal developmental tasks. The primary goal is to get to know each student as an individual and to promote a positive self image and to provide them with tools to overcome any learning difficulties. Personal counseling assists students in identifying problems, causes, and possible solutions so that appropriate action is taken.

At the Kindergarten level the individual counseling program is catered to the child’s needs and incorporated into the classroom environment. Various issues including: attention deficit, self-control, anger management and conflict resolution are of major concern. The following are suggestions that parents may use with their kindergarten child: read with your child every day, Work on letters, numbers and words by incorporating them into games and fun activities, stay in touch with your child’s teacher, provide for some physical activity that will keep your child active, and, if you notice any questionable behavior patterns (poor sleeping, questionable eating, mood shifts) contact your child’s counselor.


When a child is referred, observations will be made by the school counselor and a meeting will be held to collaborate with teachers and parents to create an effective program to help each child attain his/her potential. The counseling department also provides referral sources including appropriate assessment centers and medical doctors. Agencies can also be provided for families dealing with violence, abuse or terminal illness.


The counselors will also deal with any academic concerns including: graduation requirements, the importance of GPA, additional academic support and selecting electives. The main focus of academic counseling is to assist each student to maximize his/her potential.


University/College Counseling

The culmination of a K-12 educational career is admission to university/college. Individual counseling sessions will be provided for each student to discuss and assist students with their future goals. Group workshops and university/college fairs and university college representative presentations will be provided throughout the school year as opportunities arise. Information dealing with the university/college application process, including standardized testing issues, will be provided in both one-on-one and group activities to assist each student to meet his/her university entrance requirements. The internet links below are provided to assist with the university/college admissions process: www.collegeboard.org, www.act.org, www.ets.org/toefl, www.britishcouncil.org/th/thailand, www.Thai-farang.com/education.