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Summer Courses at KPIS

KPIS has been developing their Fun Summer Program over the last 4 years. We offer two three week summer Sessions. Each Summer Sessions is filled with Summer Fun Activities. This year our Curriculum Development Team decided on the Theme of Adventures around the World for Session I. The theme for summer session II is Fairy Tales. Each session is comprised of fun type activities for all of the children to take part in.

This summer the rooms are decorated with small hot air balloons. Students will create their own World Tour using these balloons as a means of Transportation. The children will be creative in their journeys. They decide where they would like to go on this three week adventure. The adventure is planned out using many different topics. Students will talk about the weather of these countries and how it would affect their travel, they will include mathematical terms, and problems in their journeys. Students will write journals and stories based on their imaginary travels. The older students will write, produce, direct a short skit based on what they have learned from this fun filled adventure. The Second Session will follow the same format but with a different theme. Session Two's theme, as mentioned earlier, is Fairy Tales. (summer fun details attached)

In this session the students will read and talk about many different fun and exciting Fairy Tales. We do hope that you will join us in one of our upcoming Summer Programs

We also offer a Special IES summer Program. In this program we offer students the opportunity to improve their English Language Skills. This program begins in April and runs to the end of July. Each student is given a basic Language skills test at the beginning and one at the end. We will review these test results and decide on placement based on these results along with teacher input. Our Summer Intensive class size is small. Students have ample opportunity to work in small groups with the teacher to gain a better understand of the English Language. If you would like to see your child's English skill acquisition increase then please look into our Summer Intensive Program. (summer IES details attached)

KPIS also offers a complete Summer Retention Program for those students who did not pass the one of their core courses. This program is taught by our qualified instructors. Each student is tested and retested to make sure he/she has a strong grasp of the teaching concept.