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Kittipong Keeraswangporn 02

 Greetings everyone, welcome back to those returning teachers and welcome to our new members. 

As you may know, I have recently been appointed to the position as KPIS President.  Although new to the position, I would like to say that I am quite familiar with the likes of the school.  I have been involved in the school and worked along with Dew since its foundation and have watched my children, nieces and nephews grow and develop within the KPIS community.

The school has made such great strides in the past 12 years.   We have accomplished a lot.  We have steadily grown in numbers, become quite reputable and have been awarded WASC, ONESQA and OPEC accreditation at the very young age of 3.  Thanks to the leadership of Dr. T and contribution from each and every one of you who have been involved, “THANK YOU!”

I would like us to continue on the mission of becoming an elite boutique school.  However, I would like this year to mark the beginning of the Next KPIS Generation. 

The Next KPIS Generation is a time in which KPIS takes another step forward to becoming one of the elite schools in Thailand: let our students be known for their strengths in academics, great skills in English, and flawless personalities. The Next KPIS Generation will also be a time in which we use best practices and build our IT infrastructure to support technology usage in learning to complement the learning environment.

Keerapat comes from two words.  Keera the first two syllables of my family name, is Chinese, means “Great” and Pat comes from the Thai word “patana” means development.  So, together Keerapat means the great development.  Let us build up this Keerapat (Great Development) and make it happen!



Kittipong Keeraswangporn

KPIS President