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Sawasdee ka and welcome to the KPIS learning community!

As a mother of three children, who are now exploring the wonders and challenges of school, I am fully aware of the things that parents are concerned about when it comes to education. Honestly, it has been my desire to see my children attend school in America. For someone who was born and raised in an American setting, I should know what I am saying. I was so grateful to be blessed with such opportunities and be exposed to an environment where I have gained academic benefits and mastered two important languages - Thai, as my own and English as an international language. As a non-native speaker, I know how important it is to be proficient in English. I recognize the enormous opportunities that someone would get being a bilingual or trilingual. I want these same opportunities for my children. However, our life is here in Thailand, and that reason has left me with no choice but to find a school that would respond to all my aspirations.

Putting the welfare of my kids in mind, I have motivated myself to be part of a mission of establishing an international school using an American curriculum with Asian integration. After a series of careful planning and hard work, KPIS was born.

At KPIS, we strive to become an ideal school - a school that provides a well-rounded curriculum that will empower our students to grow, flourish and reach their fullest potentials towards becoming successful, responsible and caring global citizens.

Though we can boast on having a nurturing environment with academic programs and facilities that support learning, I would say that they are not our most precious resources. The heart of KPIS is in its people - our students, parents, teachers and staff. The KPIS community is a warm community where everyone knows everyone else.

All my children go to KPIS. I am, as we speak, watching them grow. As a mother and as an educator, I can assure you that the dedication and commitment that I have to realize my dreams for my own children are the same dedication and commitment that I will carry to fulfill my dreams for our students. With this, you can feel comfortable sending your children to our care.

If you are someone who shares these dreams, I invite you to come and visit us, and join me on this journey to our children's steps into the world of knowledge.