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Head of Secondary

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Message from Head of Secondary

 Dear parents, guardians, and students;

 Welcome!  I trust that the summer break has given all of you a chance to rest and relax.

 The 2012-2013 academic year will be an exciting year for all of us.  We are looking forward to meeting familiar faces as well as new additions to our KPIS family.  It is indeed a pleasure that we have this opportunity to be a part of educating students and providing meaningful experiences to develop a lifelong love for learning.

 To our existing families, we look forward to welcoming you back to a new chapter in the academic lives of your children.  One in which we trust will allow them to continue to grow socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

 To the newcomers, we look forward to an exciting and productive year as you begin your academic journey with us.  I hope that you will quickly feel at home and get involved in all the fun activities set this year.

 As you walk along the school, you may notice some changes going on.  The front office has been remodeled to allow the office staff to work closely and collaboratively.  The gymnasium floor has been repainted to look more colorful to encourage greater participation in Physical Education.  The Planetarium, when finished, will be state of the art.  The Kindergarten building shows decorative murals to foster children’s imagination.  Some of the Elementary classrooms were enlarged to allow more space for student’s learning.  The Secondary students have more flexibility in their choice of elective courses and more exciting activities are planned for everyone.  More changes will come along as the year progresses. All these developments are geared towards making our school a better place for learning.

 The administration and our team of supportive teachers are dedicated to provide the academic rigor needed for success.  We will continue to work collaboratively to achieve what KPIS stands for.

 We are glad to have you with us and with your help and cooperation; this would be an excellent year.

I look forward to seeing you around.


Magnolia Santillan

(Head of Secondary Division)