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Our theatre is located in the auditorium of the KPIS. It features a 40 foot wide by 28 foot deep stage with wing space. Entrances are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor leading to both sides of the stadium-style seating. There are twelve rows of cushioned seats that hold a total capacity of 343 people. The auditorium features lights controlled by a computerized light board, a spot light, sound board with inputs and effects, and a sound system with CD player.



KPIS has a large and spacious library with a wonderful collection of books and materials for all ranges of students. Students in the younger grades love being read to for the interesting titles available and Secondary Schools students are able to research project both through our reference section and on the internet on our Library computers. Our Library collection keeps growing every year!



KPIS has its own planetarium. This facility lets our school stand out from other international schools in Bangkok. In the planetarium, classes from early Kindergarten to High School are able to experience a 360 panoramic view of the Thai Night Skies without the interference of smog and city lights. Students can be shown planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies in a small group environment; which allows students to ask questions and see the answers. The Planetarium can use a range of programs and internet based sites which enables teacher to plan for specific lessons. Students love looking and learning about stars and planets and at KPIS we are able to maximize this interest



The playground is an essential part of KPIS. The children enjoy playing there during their breaks and after lunch, occupying themselves with what our playground has to offer. It was designed to be developmentally appropriate according the age and motor skill abilities of our students. The structure has a couple of slides and many areas for the students to climb, run, and jump. Students also enjoy playing in the sand located in the KG building. Teachers and Team Teachers maintain close supervision of this area to sustain a fun and safe environment for the children.

Science Lab


The KPIS Science department features a purpose-built physical and life science laboratory that provides students with many enrichment activities to compliment and reinforce their understanding of key science concepts. A well stocked multipurpose preparation room augments the functioning of the main science lab classrooms.

Swimming Pool


Students can swim all year round at KPIS 's indoor swimming pool. The pool has a shallow side for safe practice of basic swimming skills and a deep side for Elementary and Secondary students to master their swimming skills and learn about water-based games like water polo. The swimming pool has been equipped with kickboards and pullbouys for students to improve their swimming talents.

Computer Room


The Computer Room has become the cornerstone of many modern schools. KPIS has both PC and MAC Computers. Our school boasts of 3 computer rooms for use of the Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary, and Teachers. Students learn basic IT skills from kindergarten and by high school are creating their own websites. Teachers are able to instruct students more effectively with the use of LCD projectors.

Soccer Field

Students are able to practice and play matches on our Soccer Field. KPIS is currently a member of ISAA and competes regularly against other International schools in Bangkok. Our P.E teachers use the open-air field not only for football but also for a range of events and Inter-house activities.

Mirror room

The Mirror Room is especially created and intended to cater for dance classes offered at KPIS. As the name suggests, the Mirror Room is basically a dance room with mirrors all around it, making it perfect for dance classes as the students can see themselves with every dance move they make. (Please add specifics like room size, features, etc.)


At KPIS, grades 11 and 12, for the Environmental Science class, must plant fruit and vegetables such as carrots, beans, tomatoes, coriander, and water melons. The purpose in the Environment Science class is to help students learn more about how to grow plants properly and love nature. Experience can be gained by doing the “plants experiment”.